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Roots Compressor
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Roots Compressor

Article source: Popularity:1844Release time:2017-05-25

    The blower consists of five parts, chassis, wallboard, impeller, fuel tank, muffler etc.Roots blower is a positive displacement blower, impeller end, fan cover.The principle is to use the two lobed rotor in the cylinder for relative motion to compress and transport the gas rotary compressor.The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient manufacture.The utility model can be widely used for the aeration of sewage treatment and the cement transportation, and the utility model is more suitable for the air transportation and the compression in the low pressure situation, and can also be used as a vacuum pump.

The difference between centrifugal compressor and roots compressor.
1 The principle of difference: Roots compressor for the volume of the fan, the pressure difference is large, centrifugal compressor for the speed of the fan,   the pressure difference is small, a large number of stand-alone processing(capacitry<4T/H use roots compressor >4T/H use  centrifugal compressor)
2 From the technical point of view,  centrifugal compressor speed control in the following 20 thousand rpm, to enhance the temperature rise at around 8 degrees.Roots steam compressor selection using low speed, generally <1500
rpm. The temperature rise around 20 degrees suitable for many conditions   and  easy  maintenance.
3 From the material point of view, there is no difference in material. Both of them can achieve the results.
4 From the operating noise point of view, the same feeling  of evaporative roots compressor and centrifugal compressor noise .
5 From the operating costs to analyze,  Between the two operating costs is equal.
6 From the area of the equipment to be analyzed, the centrifugal compressor covers a larger area, roots steam compressor covers an area of small.
7 From the analysis of equipment maintenance, centrifugal compressor impeller is based on the amount of processing, temperature rise requirements, customized sales, each impeller can be said to be different from the basic each, if there is a problem need long maintenance time
 .Roots steam compressor is a product, if a root steam compressor problems maintenance time is short. Each MVR system generally does not have a spare machine, relying  on  one   machine run, so roots compressor is more suitable for use in the MVR system.

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