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R & D team
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R & D strength

Our core technology team is with more than 10 years wastewater treatment experience dedicate to wastewater and technics of mixed salt separation, which completely solve the problems of high energy consumption, clogging and discharge water exceeding standard the that traditional evaporator has.

We are one of pioneers in evaporation crystallization industry. Plate heat exchanger, degassing tower and others are self developed by us with independent patent rights. Our evaporation system is high automatic with one key start function.

MDP2017 evaporator design software is developed by Conqinphi, which has been reached to international advanced level with high practical value. This software is designed based on the international design methods, combined with practical application experience and experimental data, went through continuous optimization and improvement.

MDP2017 software

The physicochemical laboratory provides comprehensive effluent sample analysis, mock evaporation test, COD and ammonia nitrogen removal test and others to promote project design.

The testing machine below is a MVR evaporator in titanium material, which can treat 0.5 ton material liquid per hour. We can serve our customers better with this machine. In the initial stage of the project, we can find problems and avoid risks in advance to ensure the project run smoothly.

Above equipment is skid-mounted ,it can operate with water and electricity is connected.